Will Lebanese government be born tomorrow, or designated president apologize  

The President of the Lebanese Republic, Michel Aoun, received at Baabda Palace, the president in charge of forming the government, Mustafa Adib, and discussed with him the path of forming the government.

For the first time since his assignment, Adeeb entered with him a government formation, and it was reported that the lineup consisted of 14 ministers distributed among the sects without names.

Adeeb indicated after his meeting with Aoun that he had set the President of the Republic in an atmosphere of consultations and had agreed with him on a date tomorrow morning at 11 am.

Thus, all eyes are directed to tomorrow's meeting, especially since the president-designate presented his formation today. Will there be consensus on it and the government is born, or Adib apologizes?

In a related context, Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States Hussam Zaki stressed that "the League is closely following government consultations and complications, as if nothing had happened in Lebanon from a big explosion and street movements."

He added, "The Lebanese political parties are not acting in the manner required to save the country," noting that "returning to the same methods of consultations, obstruction and waiting for international entitlements delaying the formation." He said: "We understand the Lebanese reality and know how things can go, and the Lebanese desire to bring about a consensus." Always political, something disrupts sometimes. "

He stressed that "there is Arab consensus on many matters in Lebanon, but there is no consensus on the issue of" Hezbollah "and that restricts the possibility of playing a greater role in the Lebanese crisis.

He believed that "the large number of Lebanese tensions and the continuation of the politicians in dealing in the usual way has made everyone tired of the Lebanese crisis."



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