With Corona spread... families of Turkish prisons detainees have doubts

The families of the detainees demanded the Turkish occupation authorities to early disclose the health of their children after concealing the news of the outbreak of the new epidemic of Corona in Turkey and its prisons, calling on the international organizations and the World Health Organization to intervene and put pressure on Turkey to release the detainees.

In Turkey, dozens of Kurdish youths who joined the ranks of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement were arrested in separate times and places.

With the Corona epidemic spread around the world, many countries have released their prisoners in prisons to prevent the spread of the virus in prisons.

Despite the spread of the Corona virus in most of the Turkish major cities, reaching the number of the infected people to about six thousand and the death to about one hundred, in addition to the arrival of the virus to prisons according to statements by Turkish parliamentarians, the Turkish authorities refuse to release the detainees which threatens a humanitarian catastrophe.

On this, Hawar interviewed with the families of detainees from the north and east of Syria, who demanded the release of their children arrested in Turkey at previous times.

The citizen Amal Mohammed Nebo, the sister of the detainee to the Turkish occupation authorities, Hassen Mohammed Nebo, says: "My brother is in Agri prison. He was arrested by the Turkish occupation army on February 19, 2012 in Badlis district in North Kurdistan."

Amal Nebo who fears for the health and safety of her brother adds: "We appeal to the countries of the world and the international organizations to put pressure on the Turkish occupation state to release the detainees in its prisons for preventing the infection of detainees with the new virus."

Amal continues: "Why did most of the countries of the world release their prisoners, and the Turkish occupation state did not move."

Amal Nebo believes that the conditions in the Turkish prisons are very dangerous in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic, saying: "The lives of our children are in danger due to the spread of the Corona virus in Turkey, and the Turkish authorities’ secrecy raises doubts about the spread of the epidemic inside prisons."

In turn, the citizen Ahmed Abdo, the brother of the detainee Hassen Abdo who was arrested by the Turkish occupation army in North Kurdistan in 1998, and is now detained in Bali Qasir prison warns of the spread of the epidemic.

Abdo held the Turkish authorities and international organizations responsible for endangering the lives of the detainees and their infection with the virus in case the Turkish authorities remain intransigent and do not release the detainees.

Abdo said: "There are tens of thousands of detainees inside the Turkish prisons, and the arrival of the virus in prisons and its spread among them will lead to a catastrophe and put the lives of thousands at risk."

Abdo indicated that the Turkish authorities released detainees, and practiced a racist policy, as it refused to release the political detainees only, knowing that most of the countries of the world released their political detainees.


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