With participation from Rojava, Second International Book Fair opened at Sulaimaniye

Yesterday morning, activities of the Second International Book Fair in the city of Sulaimaniye, Southern Kurdistan, were set off, with the participation of various local and international publishing and printing houses, in addition to some publishing houses from Western Kurdistan, Rojava. 

In concurrence with the 236th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Sulaimaniye, yesterday morning the Second international Book fair was opened in the city of Sulaimaniye in Southern Kurdistan.


Organizers of the Book Fair said in a press conference that '' the book fair would be a podium for writers, authors and intellectuals from the Kurdistan Regional Government  and Iraq to show all their books and products, and that it would be a gathering for thought exchange with foreigners who came to present the book fair'', stressing that ''printing and publishing houses from neighboring, regional and international countries are taking part, in addition to those from the four parts of Kurdistan''. 

Worth to note that this time publishing houses and bookshops from Rojava are taking part, where many books published and printed in Rojava are present at the book fair.  

Salah al-Dine Yusufm of the Shlair Publishing House, stressed that Shlair takes part at this year's with a 100 headlines in Kurdish and Arabic, in addition to the 700 ones by the Bindaruk Bookshop.

The international Book Fair of Sulaimaniye was initiated last year, at the same date, with more than 300 publishing and printing houses, from inside and outside.


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