Within 10 days... Turkish occupation targets Ain Issa with 200 shells

​​​​​​​Ain Issa district is subjected to violent attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state continuously, as ANHA agency documented that nearly 200 shells fall in different villages of the district.

The Turkish occupation state and its gangs have launched a violent attack targeting villages located on the frontlines by heavy weapons in Ain Issa district 10 days ago.

ANHA agency documented the fall of 200 shells fired from the bases of the Turkish occupation in the occupied areas; Since the 26th of last November until this Tuesday morning.

The village of Sayda was bombed with 53 artillery and missile shells, while 25 other shells fell on the villages of Al-Jadeda and Al-Ma'allaq, while the village of Al-Khalidiya was bombed with 28 shells, as for the village of Dibs, 40 rocket and artillery shells fell.

In addition to the village of Hoshan, which witnessed the fall of 26 shells; And the village of Abu Netuna, which was hit by 10 shells, all of the aforementioned villages are located on the M4 international road.

The Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries destroyed the mosque of Al-Tarwaziya village in the countryside of Ain Issa district, after targeting the village with tanks and artillery with 13 shells last Thursday.



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