Within 24 hours, unidentified gunmen target 5 checkpoints of Damascus forces in Daraa

Security chaos continues in the city of Daraa, despite the so-called "settlement" by the Damascus government, as unknown gunmen targeted 5 points and checkpoints of the first within 24 hours.

Unidentified gunmen with heavy weapons targeted a checkpoint of the Damascus government forces in the vicinity of Al-Sahwa town in the eastern countryside of Daraa, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

On the other hand, unidentified gunmen targeted the municipality building of Tsil in the western countryside of Daraa with machine guns, and members of the "Military Security" are stationed in the building, on casualties were reported.

It is the fifth targeting of points and checkpoints of the Damascus government forces in Daraa countryside within a few hours.

The Syrian Observatory indicated yesterday that unidentified gunmen targeted with medium weapons a checkpoint of the 15th Military Division of the Damascus government forces, near the bridge of Sayda town in the southern countryside of Daraa, coinciding with a similar targeting of the hospital checkpoint as well.

Local gunmen also attacked the four-way checkpoint of the Air Force Intelligence at the junction of the town of Al-Musaifra, east of Daraa, with machine guns and RPGs, but no casualties were reported.



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