Within plot condemnation… Revolutionary Youth keep in marching towards Kobani

Hundreds of young men and women continue their march from al-Jalabiya towards Kobani. The youth marched dozens of kilometers away, only hours to reach Kobani town, to denounce the international plot against the leader Ocalan in its 20th anniversary.


Under the slogan, "Revolt, To Lift the Isolation, Break the Fascism and Release the Leader" the revolutionary youth continue their condemnation march of the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan from al-Jalabiya district to Kobani city.

The young men and women reached to 3 quarters of the way to Kobani walking on foot.

They headed to Albolor village where the leader Ocalan crossed and stayed for more than 40 days when he first crossed to Rojava.

Denouncing the arrest of young people by the German authorities

Sahar Khalaf, a member of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement "We, the Revolutionary Youth Movement, denounce and condemn the conspiracy against the leader of humanity, Abdullah Ocalan, we will struggle to achieve victory and freedom for Ocalan no matter what the difficulties are."

She condemned the German authorities' attack on young demonstrators in Germany against the plot against Ocalan and the authorities arrested a number of young men.

Elderly women beside the youth are demanding the freedom of Ocalan!

Although the march was organized by the youth and most of its participants are young and the distance long, there are elderly women who participated in the march despite their age.

Hawar news agency met with a number of women, one of them Isel Haj Khalil, 55, from Kobani.

Isel said, "thanks to the thought and philosophy of Ocalan, we represent ourselves. He (Ocalan) has fought so hard to free women from slavery and in our role as women we have to realize the freedom of our leader so we will continue our struggle and our activities tirelessly to the end."



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