Woman displaced in refuges' camp killed by Turkish occupation's bullet

A displaced woman was killed and a child injured in "Sawaed al-Ikha" camp in Kafar Losin border area with Turkey north of Idlib, after indiscriminate shooting fire at the camp.


A video, published on social networking sites showed a little girl and her father, crying after the Turkish gendarmerie fired indiscriminately at Sawaed al-Ikha camp north of Idlib.

Where sources confirmed the killing of a displaced woman from eastern Hama, and the injuring of a child.

According to sources, the Turkish gendarmerie fired indiscriminately at the camp, which is crowded with displaced people, fleeing various Syrian areas.

This is not the first time the Syrian refugees near the Turkish border have been subjected to murder, assaults and inhumane abuses.



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