Woman politicians: after Daesh defeat, resolving Syrian crisis requires efforts

Woman politicians from the city of Aleppo pointed out that Daesh defeat and the victory of Syrian Democratic Forces came thanks to the cohesion of the people of the region from all components, and they stressed the role of women who defeated mercenaries.

The Syrian Democratic Forces declared Daesh mercenaries' defeat after the liberation of their last stronghold in northern and eastern Syria on 23 March.

In this regard, the member of the Future Syria Party, Janda Hassan, congratulated all the people on the victory of Syrian Democratic Forces on Daesh mercenaries. "Women played a great role in this victory that will not be forgotten by history and generations," she said. "We reject the intervention of any state in Syria."

"After imposing black dress on women and methods of violent killing against people, especially children and women, eradication of these ideas and mercenaries' practices must be sought," she said.

Janda Hassan concluded her speech wishing to liberate all occupied and usurped Syrian territories such as Idlib, Jarablus and Afrin.

Women's role in this important stage... unforgettable

"The victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the village of al-Bagouz started from Kobani, al-Tabqa, al-Raqqa and was crowned with victory in Deir ez-Zor," said Maysa Taji, a member of the Women's Bureau of the Syrian Democratic Council.

"The role women played in the region is unforgettable," she said.

Popular cohesion defeated Daesh

For her part, said member of the Syrian Women's Council in Aleppo, Farida Kurdi, "We bless the victory and the defeat of mercenaries, the cohesion of the Syrian people with each other, was the main reason to eliminate Daesh mercenaries, and this cohesion will eliminate the cells of mercenaries and the liberation of all Syrian territory."

At the end of her speech, Farida Kurdi said: "This stage requires unifying efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis politically and free all Syrian territory."


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