Woman tells "Afrin situation from bad to worse"

Despite her age, she was kidnapped and subjected to the most horrific types of torture and insults for 26 days in the mercenaries' prisons in Afrin canton, and was released after paying a ransom, saying "Afrin situation from bad to worse."

After occupying Afrin, the occupation army and its mercenaries have intensified their crimes against civilians, and harassed the remaining indigenous people in order to displace them and resettle the non-indigenous population therein in a step to change the demographics of the region.

The Turkish occupation aims, through following the policy of demographic change, to change the names of villages and landmarks to annex Afrin to Turkey, in addition to converting places of worship and places of education into headquarters and prisons to torture civilians.

The violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the indigenous population forced a large number of them to leave their homes, go to al-Shahba areas, and the citizen (M.A) has a story that does not differ from the stories of those who left Afrin.

The citizen (M.A), 50 years old, was kidnapped from her home in Afrin city by the military police in June 2019, and she was taken to the police branch in the former trade school, which was turned to a headquarter for torturing and killing the civilians.

She was surprised by the imprisonment of her daughter and granddaughter

(M.A) was surprised by the presence of her 27-year-old daughter (A.A) and her three-year-old granddaughter, who was also kidnapped. (M.A) remained in a branch of the so-called military police for nearly twenty days, subjected to various types of torture by all brutal methods on charges of working as a member in the neighborhood's commune before the occupation of the city.

(M.A) says that "the mercenaries Abo Haydar, Abo Arab, Abo Sayer and Abo Ziyad investigated women and men as well. I was interrogated for several hours about my work with the Autonomous Administration and my role in the neighborhood's commune, and I always answered that I had nothing to do with them, yet I used to be beaten by the detector with the sanitary cannons.

 (M.A) adds: "I stayed for 20 days inside the cell as if twenty years. I was subjected to all kinds of torture with water and electricity hoses, not to mention immoral words that worsened my psychological and physical condition. Within twenty days, I lost 19 kilograms of weight by torture."

She noted: "The torture started from twelve o'clock, midnight to four o'clock in the morning, we could not sleep from the screams of children and women under torture. They were torturing the kidnappers with the sticks they called "Akhdar al-Ibrahimi", hanging them in the middle of the room and beating them with an electric shock."

(M.A) confirmed that the mercenaries have established several prisons in which they practice violations against women, namely (Maarateh prison, trade school prison, and among the most prisons in which they practice violations against civilians, especially women is Kawa square prison, where the kidnappers are raped and given prohibitions and narcotics).

Fatty meals are a tax on families in Afrin

Regarding the situation of the people in Afrin canton, (M.A) said that the situation of the people in Afrin is from bad to worse because the people cannot prepare somewhat expensive food for fear of imposing taxes on them.

She pointed out that "the occupation and its mercenaries continuously steal electrical wires and impose taxes on the people to restore the wires, as they impose the Turkish currency and the U.S. dollar on them, hospitals distribute medicines in Turkish pounds, as well as imposing Turkish identity cards on citizens."

fter 26 days of torture, she went out by a ransom

(M.A) managed to get out of the Turkish occupation prisons by paying a financial ransom of ($ 1,000 U.S.) after 26 days.

She and her family found nothing but fleeing, after her house and $ 5 thousand was stolen by the mercenaries, and they headed towards al-Shahba canton, the most secure and stable place.

(M.A) and her family were able to reach al-Shahba canton about a week ago, and they are suffering a poor health condition.



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