​​​​​​​Women in NE Syria condemn the second Paris massacre

Sara Organization and Yazidi Women's Union condemned the second Paris massacre, and renewed the pledge to all freedom martyrs to continue their path.

In the context of reactions against the second Paris massacre, Sara Organization and Yazidi Women's Union issued 2 written statements.

Sara statement referred to the details of the day of December 23, when an "armed man" targeted the Ahmad Kaya Kurdish Cultural center located in the center of the French capital, Paris, killing 3 people and injuring others.

"Once again, Turkish fascism committed a heinous crime against Kurdish activists in the French capital, Paris," adding, "In 2013, the Turkish terrorist intelligence carried out an assassination in Paris against the 3 female activists, (Sakina, Leyla, and Fidan), the second Paris massacre coincided with the approaching tenth anniversary of the first Paris massacre."

In its statement, the organization condemned this massacre, and demanded that the French government immediately reveal its perpetrators, show the truth and details of the operation to public opinion, and bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice.

In turn, the Yazidi Women's Union condemned this massacre, and said: "These attacks (the Paris massacre), if they indicate anything, indicate the weakness of hostile countries in front of the women's movement."



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