Women issues on the top of conference Youth on second day

The events initiated of The Second Day of the Second Conference of the Middle East Youth, which is being held in Kobani city in North Syria, touching upon the Women's issues. 


More than 300 young men and women from across the Middle East ended Wednesday the first day of the Second Conference of the Middle East Youth at the Cultural Center in Kobani after hours of discussions on several topics.

On Thursday, the revolutionary youth affiliated with a number of political parties, organizations and movements in a number of countries in the Middle East began the second day of the conference by opening the discussion to the youth to discuss the first section of the youth program which is scheduled to last until the 23rd of this month.

The first part of the program, which will be discussed today until midday, includes "the crisis of the Middle East and the problems experienced by peoples under the influence of capitalist modernity.

The participants discuss the improvement of the youth and social reality in the Middle East, especially the issue of women is discussing until the moment in the second day of the conference. Participants consider that solving the issue of women contributes greatly to establishing a free and democratic society.

Discussions will continue in the context of this subject, while the youth events will continue in this manner among young people to the evening hours of this day.

This conference is considered, the second of its kind, after six months were being prepared to be held in kobani city with vast participation of regional countries.



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