Women organizations announce campaign to collect signatures in solidarity against occupation, genocide

Women organizations in north and east Syria announced today a campaign to collect signatures to strengthen the solidarity of the world's women to protect the gains of the Women's Revolution and stand against all forms of occupation and genocide.

The campaign to collect signatures comes as part of the campaign "No to the Occupation and Extermination, We Will Protect Women and Life" launched by the Kongra Star in cooperation with the women organizations in north and east Syria.

The campaign was announced in a written statement which included:

"We, the Kongra Star organization, launched on October 09, 2020 a campaign under the slogan: "No to the Occupation and Extermination, We Will Protect Women and Life," bearing in mind that the day of the campaign announcement coincides with the anniversary of the Turkish occupation and its factions for both Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ain) and Girê Spî (Tel Abyad), and it will continue until January 9, the day of the commemoration of the three female fighters' martyrdom: Sakina Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Shelmz in the French capital Paris by the Turkish fascist state intelligence, as we believe that the genocide that women face by the authoritarian male mentality is one at the level of the world.

Our campaign was launched in coordination with all women's organizations at the domestic level (North and East Syria) to form a unified organization that faces all challenges and difficulties in order to raise the level of struggle and resistance and to carry out joint activities in this regard.

Believing in the struggle of women and their sacrifices on the global level for the sake of women's freedom and social justice, it is necessary to mention the sacrifices and gains made by Rojava Revolution (North and East Syria) for women which was known as the Women's Revolution. These gains were reflected worldwide, adding an essential value to women's history in their struggle. Therefore, the signatures campaign that we launched on October 31 until November 25 is to combat violence against women. Furthermore, the names of organizations supporting our campaign will be announced, and this campaign is to gain support from international feminist organizations to protect the gains of the Women's Revolution, and to stand against all forms of occupation, genocide, imperialism and fascism that practice all forms of oppression amid international silence by all international human rights organizations."

The signatories:

Kongra Star

Syrian Women Council

Women's Council in North and East Syria

Women's Office in the Future Syria Party

Women's Office in the Syrian Democratic Council

Women's Office in the Democratic Society Movement

Young Women's Union

Sara Organization for Combating Violence against Women

Women's Body in North and East Syria

Humanitarian Peace Association

Center for Research and Women's Rights Protection

Human Rights Organization

Ashna Development Organization

Maya Association

Dose Organization for Civil Society



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