"Women revolt for Afrin" continues with vast participation

The administrator in Kongra Star Walida Bouti said they will continue their campaign till liberation Afrin city from abomination of terrorism and called all women to stand in solidarity with them to confront the attack of the Turkish occupation army and to deliver voice of free women of the world society.


The Kongra star launched the first stage on 8 February of the campaign "Women revolt for Afrin "in North Syria and the world where Latin America’s women joined the campaign to stop the Turkish occupation bombing on Afrin denouncing genocide against civil women and children and support" Resistance of the Age." 

The events ranged from statements to organizing marches, and women flowed from all North Syria's regions to Afrin to stand in solidarity with "Resistance of the Age" and women on International Women's Day participated intensively from most European countries and the Middle East.

After occupation of Afrin city by the Turkish army and its killing and displacement of innocent civilians and people, thousands of women, children and the elderly were displaced in order to escape the danger of genocide. Hundreds of thousands of Afrin people were forced to leave their city on 18 March.

Since then, Afrin people have been forced to leave their cities experiencing severe living conditions, without international human rights institutions providing any protection, humanitarian or medical assistance.

To escalate resistance and struggle till liberation of Afrin from occupying Turkish state’s fascism, the Kongra Star continued launching the second stage of the campaign "Women revolt for Afrin" on April 8 through a written statement announcing the second stage of the campaign, which includes statements and rallies in addition to various events.

about the goal of the campaign and the stage it reached, Walida Bouti an administrator in the Kongra Star confirmed that the resistance continues and will not stop until the liberation of Afrin from the abomination of Turkish terrorism, that killed, looted, sabotaged, raped and kidnapped women in Afrin.

Bouti assured that they will continue with struggling, and prove to the world who is Afrin and the Kurdish women “we have started from the communes, which is the smallest cell in society and that contribute to building a democratic free society”.

The administrator in Kongra Star Walida Bouti said At the end of her speech she appealed to all women to join the campaign to deliver the voice of women and revolution to all parts of the world and unite the ranks of women to address the Turkish fascism and massacres committed against women and civilians.



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