Women: We call for all to escalate struggle against regime that targets women

Women and political activists in the city of Aleppo and Merkada district in al-Hasakah canton rejected the practices of the Turkish state and the Iranian regime targeting women, and called on all women to escalate their resistance and struggle against the Turkish and Iranian regimes.

The Iranian regime sentenced the Kurdish language teacher Zara Mohammadi 10 years in prison on charges of teaching her mother tongue, while the Turkish state arrested dozens of women and members of women's associations and politicians in Bakur Kurdistan, targeted women in northern and eastern Syria and occupied cities through its mercenaries, and this is evidence of its fear of woman organization.

In the face of these attacks, the women reactions against the occupation attacks increase with various activities insisting on the resistance.

In this regard, the teacher at the Training and Education Committee for the Democratic Society in the city of Aleppo, Sawsan Hussein, condemned the inhumane actions carried out by the Iranian state against women, especially women activists, and said, "The arrest of the teacher who was teaching students in her mother tongue and sentencing her to 10 years in prison is only with the aim eradicating the Kurdish identity, as it considers education in the mother tongue an illegal right for the Kurdish people.

Sawsan stressed that no matter how the authoritarian states try to prevent the spread of the Kurdish language and its education, they will continue to spread it.

The Member of the Syrian Women's Council (Aleppo Office) Amneh Khedr touched on the struggle of women, their role and the attempts to target them as she said: "All capitalist countries did not give women their rights despite being half of society, but rather targeted and did not accept them in the political sphere. Today, the Kurdish women are targeted because they were able to be the voice of the struggling women."

Amneh Khedr indicated that the authoritarian states fear the voice of  free women through their great role in society, starting from the home reaching their involvement in the political field, and that is why they are being targeted.

At the end of her speech, Amneh Khedr condemned the policies of the occupier saying, "All the Turkish state's actions will not affect the political struggle carried out by women and their resistance, but on the contrary will increase their strength and determination to complete the path of struggles."

All brutal policies against women happen under international silence

In turn, Salwa al-Faraj, the Administrator of the Revolutionary Youth Movement in Mekrada district of al-Hasakah southern countryside said that young women determine to complete the path of martyrs who have become victims of the Turkish state's massacres in Afrin and areas in north and east Syria.

Salwa al-Faraj points out that all the barbaric policies practiced by the Turkish state come amid international silence.

Salwa al-Faraj, at the end of her speech, called on all women to escalate the resistance, prove their existence, and participate in the liberation of lands occupied by Turkey under the slogan of resistance.

The Administrator of the Kongra Star Randa Saleh al-Jassem said that the bombings of Turkey in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, especially against organized women will not weaken them. She noted: "The sacrifices of the struggles will not be in vain, as women today have will and with it we will complete the march."

In turn, the citizen Ghada al-Muheimid denounced the international silence regarding the massacres and aggressions committed by Turkey in the occupied areas and northern and eastern Syria in cooperation with its mercenaries. She said: "Resistance and struggle path is every free woman's path, we will complete the march and the Turkish attacks will not undermine our determination."



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