Women's conference ends with election of 7 administrators, issuance of final statement

The first conference of the Women's Administration in al-Tabqa concluded with the election of seven administrators and the issuance of the final statement.


The first conference was held in al-Tabqa area, which was attended by 400 members from all institutions, representatives of Autonomous Administration and bodies in the north and east of Syria.

Elections were held to select a new administration for Women's Administration in al-Tabqa. After the opening of the candidacy and voting process, seven women were elected as new administrators.

Where the conference dealt with many speeches, issues that emphasized the liberation of women from slavery and raising their awareness and their participation in political situations at the internal and regional levels.

The conference noted that women must organize themselves to be able to protect themselves and prove their role in society in all areas of life.

The rules of procedure of Women Administration has been established, which aims at granting women the right to candidacy and membership in all fields.

The final statement of the conference noted:

"Because the free and conscious women are the foundation of a free society and despite the current conditions going through the north and east of Syria, where women proved their insistence on confrontation and played a great role in the victories that have been achieved. They play an active role in liberating the last stronghold of IS in Deir ez-Zor."

Finally, the participants echoed the slogans that saluted women and their resistance and the steadfastness and resistance of Leyla Guven, who has been on hunger strike for more than 120 days.



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