Women's House in al-Khattounia is a constant endeavor to organize women

The Women's House in al-Khatouniya, located west of the city of al-Raqqa is about 10 km, has managed to organize and raise awareness of women and solve problems related to women, not to mention the opening of women's councils.


During the occupation of the city of Raqqa, mercenaries called for the abolition of the role of women in life, marginalizing them from all aspects, not to mention to be sold as slaves and using them only as a machine. But after the liberation of the city launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which culminated in the liberation of the city on October 20, in 2017, women began to play their role in the society.

With the establishment of the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa, which is considered the main umbrella for all women in al-Raqqa, many women's houses have been opened in al-Raqqa and its affiliated areas, such as the Women's House in al-Khattounia, which was opened on 23/3/2018.

The Women's House in al-Khattounia consists of several committees, including the Services Committee, the Reconciliation Committee and the Public Relations Committee. Each committee is responsible for the tasks entrusted to it.

Help women financially and morally

The Women's House played an important role in organizing the women of the region in all respects and worked seriously to resolve issues related to women. the Reconciliation Committee has resolved 49 cases that were addressed to the house. The issues focused on violence against women and familial issues.

Not to mention the formation of councils in the region, where the house formed 25 councils for women, which contributed to the organization of women and awareness through training.

Administrator at the Women's House in Khattounia Salwa Mohammed said "We are working to organize the ranks of women in the region because they suffered deprivation and marginalization under the occupation of mercenaries to the region.”

Salwa pointed out that they are subject to training courses in order to develop their thinking and learn more about women's freedom from the democratic nation’s concept.

"We are working to wipe out illiteracy in the region. We will work to open literacy courses so that we can spread knowledge and enable women to play their role in educating the community and building a free generation," Salwa said of the projects and future plans.



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