Words were destined for others to write

IS fell, the blackness disappeared, the fear faded, the light came out, Deir ez-Zor is liberated, the face smiled, and thousands of civilians were freed from oppression and massacres throughout Syria in general and the Syrian north in particular.


The writing of this piece of news required strong powers because this piece of news was not supposed to be written by us at the time when the mercenaries of the so-called caliphate collapsed, rather, writing it was required from three candles, stars, smiling faces and immortal souls cannot by described by words. They are the light of the path of the martyrs of our agency, Hawar news agency, "Rizgar Deniz, Dilishan Ibesh and Hoger Mohammed."

They were among the first people to demand documenting the liberation of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Deir ez-Zor city when the start of al-Jazeera Tempest battle was announced in September 9, 2017 because they had been accustomed to covering these incidents and living with them since the beginning of the 19th July Revolution. They witnessed many cities of Rojava and north Syria starting from Dêrik to the fall of the so-called caliphate's capital in al-Raqqa.

A sentence Rizgar liked, and it was a source of inspiration for him and his comrades who worked with him, and he was martyred for the sake of spreading the massage that expressed that sentence which is, "As much as possible, I will protect myself, but if taking one photo will change the situation of this people and the Kurdish media, then, I will sacrifice myself for taking that photo." Indeed, he redeemed his spirit to document the liberation of thousands of civilians on the fabulous road between the cities of Deir ez-Zor and al-Hasakah on October 12, 2017 as the convoy of civilians was bombed by IS mercenaries.

The explosion took place at 18:30 in October 12, 2017, and IS mercenaries committed a massacre against the civilians fleeing the areas controlled by IS mercenaries in Deir ez-Zor countryside to the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) by blowing up two booby-trapped vehicles as the reporters of Hawar news agency Dilishan Ibesh, Rizgar Adanemesh and Hoger Mohammed were covering the campaign and transferring the arrival of civilians to the liberated areas from the heart.

The explosion of the two car bombs resulted in martyring Dilishan and Hoger and 14 other civilians lost their lives in the same massacre. Our correspondent Rizgar was also injured and transferred to al-Jazeera hospitals, but he martyred after 70 days of resistance in December. On December 18, 2017, his corpse was buried in Restum Judy camp after a ceremony was held in Qamishlo and in the camp.

The fall of the caliphate state

After the martyrdom of our three correspondents, our reporters wanted to continue what their martyrs had started, carrying their cameras and pens in order to document the liberation of the people by SDF, in addition to the stories of the people, the massacres and the practices committed by IS mercenaries against thousands of the Syrian people.

The last stage of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign which was named "the battle to defeat terrorism" launched in September 11, 2018, and our correspondents were able to document the final stage with the eyes and writings of their three martyrs until the day of the declaration of the liberation of all civilians and all areas in the Syrian north from IS mercenaries.

The last words about liberation are, "The state of myth fell, and the blackness disappeared, the earth smiled before the people for the disappearance of black years in which ignorance was spread for the light and freedom to be witnessed again and joy to spread, declaring the beginning of a new history for the peoples of the region who managed to defeat the greatest terrorist forces that states failed to eliminate."


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