Work is ongoing to prevent an outbreak of corona virus

Cleaning and sterilization campaigns continue in all regions of northern and eastern Syria to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus, while consumer control committees and the supply departments intensified their monitoring of stores to prevent monopoly of materials and raise their prices.

Based on the decisions issued by the Crisis Cell in northern and eastern Syria, the People’s Municipality in Tirbe Spiye district began a campaign of cleaning and sterilization within all the institutions of the district, such as religious centers, mosques, churches, and the Yazidi house, in addition to cleaning the public street, the central market, the industrial market, and the entrances and exits of the district.

The co-chair the People’s Municipality in Tirbe Spiye Abdul Aziz Muhammad said: "We organize the municipal works according to the decisions issued by the crisis cell in northern and eastern Syria."

Abdel Aziz noted that with the start of the curfew decision in force, all major streets in the district and the religious institutions, centers and towns affiliated to it were cleaned and sterilized.

The People’s Municipality distributed pamphlets to educate residents, showing how to prevent infection with the Corona virus as well as conducting supervisory tours of shops selling vegetables and meat in the central market.


In Afrin region, people's municipalities continue to campaign sterilization, while sodium hypochlorite is used with a concentration of 6% to prevent the virus.

The municipalities of Afrin region started sterilization campaigns, as 5 tanks were filled with sodium hypochlorite from the drug factory located in Kafr Qaris village, in Ahdath District.

Within this framework, our agency ANHA monitored sterilization campaigns, and during the campaign, the mayor of Afrin Farik Ahmed said, "In light of the spread of Corona virus, we and the municipalities generally need to take preventive measures, especially after the decision of the Autonomous Administration to ban curfews, so we do our work extensively within sterilization campaigns. "

Ahmed said, "On this basis, we will spray chlorine with 5 large tanks, in all areas of Al-Shahba district, according to a coordinated and periodic system."

Ahmed concluded his speech by appealing to the residents to abide by all the decisions of the administration in order to preserve their safety.

All cities and towns in northern and eastern Syria are in a state of curfew that started on March 23, and is scheduled to continue for a period of 15 days, subject to extension.



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