​​​​​​​World newspapers: Corona poses a major threat to Syria as military operations continue

​​​​​​​On Saturday morning, the international newspapers highlighted the danger of the outbreak of the corona virus in Syria, with the continuation of military operations in Idlib, and the American preparations to launch a major campaign against Iran's "militias" in Iraq.


World newspapers touched on Saturday the seriousness of the Corona virus with the continuation of the war in Syria, the American preparations to launch a major campaign against Iranian-backed groups in Iraq, and the emergence of the Corona virus and its causes.

Al-Arab: The Syrian war and coronaviruses and beyond Saudi

Al-Arab newspaper touched upon the spread of the Corona virus and the wars taking place in the region, especially Syria and said: "History is full of lessons that we can learn from. The major influenza pandemic in 1918, which is called the Spanish flu, caused the death of between 50 million and 100 million people in All over the world, which is higher than the number of victims in the First World War".

The epidemic spread with the last months of the war, and continued when people returned to their homes or moved after the fighting stopped.

War conditions played a major role in the spread and severity of the disease, as war and the epidemic are closely interlinked. The conflict not only created crowded conditions in military camps, but also between residents trapped in war zones, and were forced to live near safe areas.

This war created the ideal conditions for the virus to spread quickly and death toll to rise

As we remember the "Great War", it is easy to forget the current war that continues in Syria, as UN Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pederson, called on Tuesday for a "full, immediate and comprehensive ceasefire" to enable efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus in the war-torn country.

Although recent ceasefires have alleviated violence in northeast and northwestern Syria, Pederson said the agreements are still fragile, and hostilities could break out at any moment.

Now more than ever, this virus is heating up around the world, and threatening everyone regardless of race or religion, more action is needed from international organizations.

A ceasefire is required not only in Syria, but in all war-torn countries, such as Libya and Yemen, along with measures to prevent foreign militias from entering these countries, and make greater efforts to help refugees and displaced people, and these should be the priorities, no one wants Repeat the terrible experience millions of people have lived around the world a century ago".

New York Times: The Pentagon ordered an escalation in Iraq

Regarding the Iranian-American crisis in Iraq, The New York Times said: "The Pentagon ordered the military leaders to plan an escalation in the military campaign in Iraq, by an executive order issued last week to prepare a campaign" to destroy the militias affiliated with Iran that threaten to carry out new attacks against American soldiers".

Senior US leaders in Iraq have warned that such a campaign would be bloody, could backfire and threaten to wage war with Iran.

The US Army Gen. John White said in a note that "the campaign will require thousands of additional American soldiers in Iraq, a transfer of resources, and that the primary mission of the American presence there is to train Iraqi forces to fight ISIS".

He also said: "Senior administration officials, such as Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien, are pushing for an attack on Iran and its proxies in Iraq, and exploiting Iran's preoccupation with an outbreak of the Corona virus.

While Ministry of Defense officials, including Minister Mark Esper and Commander of the US Joint Command, Mark Milli, expressed concern about a sharp military escalation, however, the Minister of Defense allowed the planning of a new US campaign to "give the president options" while the militias linked to Iran escalated their attacks, according to High-level sources.

While US officials say that "the American president did not decide during a meeting in the White House to strike, but allowed the planning to continue".

Washington Times: The emergence of the new bat virus was not a surprise

The Washington Times, in a report on the cause of the emergence of the Corona virus, said: "A specialist at a leading research center specializing in viruses said that the new coronavirus behind the epidemic that now affects the world population is very similar to the virus that caused the SARS outbreak in China." 17 years ago, it was not surprising.

Kenneth Plant, associate director of the Global Reference Center for Emerging Viruses and Arbovirus, a virus warehouse at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, has been studying the virus since early February.

The center is a central publication point for supplying virus samples, and has sent about a hundred samples to other research institutes.

Kenneth Plant says that SARS viruses originated from bats in China, and mutated in ways that allowed human infection.

"The interesting thing about this virus is that it mimics its brother, the coronary SARS virus," plant said.

While scientists say the current virus known as Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2, OSVS CoV-2, is similar to another SARS virus that started in China in 2003.




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