World oil prices fall after Saudi Arabia regains production capacity

 On Wednesday, World oil prices fell after Saudi Arabia announced to restore its full oil production capacity by late September, and because of information on an unexpected increase in US oil reserves.


The price of Brent North Sea crude for November delivery was 64.53 per barrel, down 0.03 percent. The price of futures contract for the month of Texas Intermediate crude oil by 0.32 percent to $ 58.91 a barrel.

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman has announced the return of oil supplies to what they were before, before the attack on oil facilities belonging to Aramco, pointing out that the attack led to the interruption of about 5 million and 7 thousand barrels of crude oil, also confirmed that The company will fully meet its obligations to its customers this month by withdrawing from stock.

On Saturday, "Ansar Allah" claimed responsibility for a drone attack on two oil facilities belonging to Saudi oil giant Aramco in bqaiq ,Hijrat and Khurais in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, led to higher crude oil prices in the world.




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