Wrath of Olive adopts Afrin bombing, confirms killing, wounding 9 mercenaries

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room announced carrying out a qualitative operation in the city of Afrin, killing four mercenaries and wounding five.

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room issued a statement published on its official website, which adopted the bombing that took place on Sunday evening in the city of Afrin, it said:

"Our fighters continue to carry out specific operations against the soldiers and mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin and the northern regions of Syria, in the framework of retaliation for the martyrs of Afrin and the crimes committed by the occupation mercenaries against our people and our pure land.

In addition, on 7/4/2019, our fighters detonated an explosive device in the center of the city of Afrin, Ma'aratah Street, in a gathering of mercenaries of the so-called Ahrar al-Sharqiya, where four mercenaries were killed and five wounded.

We assure our steadfast people that we are still committed to our pledge to continue our qualitative operations and to target all mercenaries, their congregations and supporters. There is no choice but to escalate the operations and liberate Afrin from the abomination of mercenaries.



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