Wrath of Olive announces liquidating a Turkish intelligence agent in Afrin

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room declared liquidation of the mercenary Mahmoud Abu Satif, after confessions of his dealing with the Turkish intelligence and his work for their benefit, the operations room indicated that their operations will continue until the liberation of Afrin and the expulsion of the Turkish occupier and its agents.


The Wrath of Olive Operations Room today issued a statement to the public opinion on the liquidation of one of the agents of the Turkish occupation in the city of Azaz.

The text of the statement is:

"In conjunction with the escalation of the operations of our fighters against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin and the Syrian north, the occupation has resorted in the past to the cheap and exposed methods to track down our fighters, where the operations of our fighters inflicted qualitative imbalance in the intelligence services and occupation's mercenaries.

In addition, the occupation tried during the past period to recruit a number of clients whose task was limited to the transfer of information and double action, as well as to carry out the phantom operations and to stick them with our fighters and then expose them in order to minimize the importance of our operations. We have noted on more than one occasion that our fighters are very cautious so that they can detect these games and hold the perpetrators, but some of these mercenaries continued their attempts, and they became a dirty tool in the hands of the occupation.

Among these mercenaries are the traitors, the agent Mahmoud Abu Satif from the city of Hama, the plain of al-Ghab, he tried many times to approach our fighters and deceive them to carry out mock operations on the basis of training received by the Turkish intelligence, until he was arrested and interrogated and then killed on the basis of his confessions in working with Turkish intelligence and trying to damage our operations.

The process of investigation and murder took place in the city of Azaz on 13/3/2019, where the mercenary Mahmoud Abu Satif received his fair punishment.

We in the Wrath of Olive Operations Room, renew our warning to the traitors and assure them that their attempts are exposed and will be held accountable for them sooner or later. We also confirm that our operations will continue until the civil courts in Afrin are reconstituted by their original people and their Autonomous Administration after the expulsion of the Turkish occupation and its collaborators. All the traitors we arrest will be handed over to them for their just punishment. "


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