Wrath of Olives eliminated mercenary Ahmed Mesto

The General Command of the Wrath of Olives operation room – Afrin announced during a statement that it adopted the operation of eliminating the mercenary called Ahmed Mesto, and it disclosed the details.


The Wrath of Olives operation room released a statement in which it adopted the operation of removing the mercenary called Ahmed Mesto who is nicknamed by Abu Aslan al-Kurdi, the commander of the mercenaries of al-Jabha al-Shamiya.

The text of the statement included:

“The history assures that the occupation’s age is short and is not possible to prolong, and it will pay for its crimes sooner or later. It was proved that the occupation would not ensure the safety of the mercenaries cooperated with it.

During the people’s revolution in Rojava Kurdistan, a number of the mercenaries who threw themselves into the ranks of the Turkish enemy, and wronged their people more than the enemy itself was appeared, those have lost their link to dignity and lost it after they have been satisfied with the enemy’s meanness and awfulness.

Those who we refer to cannot benefit our people with their impurity, and after their task would end to the enemy, it also would throw them.

On this base, we, in the Wrath of Olives operation room, assure our promise to eliminate all the traitors who are dealing with the Turkish occupation, and we announce our responsibility for murdering the mercenary Ahmed Mesto. Our fighters managed to observe the movements of the mercenary Ahmed Mesto for several days till they killed him on June 7 in the evening as he departed his military point in Mobata district on a car of Jeep type, and he changed it with a car of Pickup kind in the midway. During his returning, he replaced his care with another one of Mercedes taxi, and our fighters continued monitoring his movements. As he reached the center of Mobata district, he was ambushed by our fighters as he was shot by a number of bullets and killed, and his car was overturned after it was deviated from the road.

Since the beginning of Rojava Kurdistan Revolution, the mercenary Ahmed Mesto has been hostile to our people, their will and decision. Since the beginning, he has resorted to the Turkish state, and received the training at the hands of the Turkish Intelligence (MIT). After that, he was appointed as the field commander of the mercenaries of al-Jabha al-Shamiya in Daret Izza as he trained his elements on the thought of IS and Jabhet al-Nusra and he provoked them to launch the attack against Afrin and its people.

During the Turkish barbaric attack against Afrin area, the mercenary Ahmed Mesto joined the battle effectively, especially in Janders and Shia districts beside the terrorists and mercenaries of the Turkish state. After occupying Afrin, the mercenary Ahmed Mesto headed towards his motherland in Mirka (Hessi) village. From there, he started again practicing the violations and crimes against our people.

According to the points mentioned above, we call for everybody joined the filthy conspiracies of the Turkish state to go back on the impurity that they fell in, and we remind them that the Turkish state would not be able to protect them from our fighters’ bullets.



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