Wrath of Olives: one commander of Sultan Murad's gangs killed

The Wrath of Olives' Operation Room made it clear that their fighters were able to liquidate one of the commander of  Sultan Murad 's gangs, during an ambush in al-Raai district  in northeast of Aleppo and seized his weapon.


The Wrath of Olives' Operation Room published on Thursday a statement to the public opinion, in which it declared that their fighters managed to liquidate the commander so-called Sultan Murad's gangs whose name is  "Abu Mohammed al-Domani" during an ambush on August 28.

The operations room pointed out that the ambush was plotted in the area located between the villages of Sandra and Tel -Shaer in al-Raai district in north-east of Aleppo.

The text of the statement:

In retaliation for our fighters against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin, Idlib and other areas in North Syria, our fighters carried out on 28/08/2018 an assassination operation against the mercenary called Abu Muhammad al-Domani, one of the commander of Sultan Murad's gangs participated in the invasion of Afrin, which committed dozens of field executions against our people, as well as looting, and kidnapping.

Our fighters ambushed for the mercenary called Abu Mohammed al-Domani in the area between the villages of Sondra and Tel Shaer located in the area of al-Raai northeast of Aleppo. They assassinated him and seized his weapon before they withdrew from the area safely.

As we have stated previously, Wrath of Olives' Operation Room, we reaffirm our right to retaliate against the mercenaries participating in the Afrin raid in any area of North Syria, particularly Afrin, to serve as a lesson for other mercenaries.



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