Wrath of Olives Operation kills one mercenary, injures another

The fighters of Wrath of Olives Operation Room had carried out an operation against mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, killing one of the mercenaries and injuring another, while the leadership of the Wrath of Olives Operation room revealed that all the occupying forces of Afrin, and who are committing violations against our people in Afrin are target to us"


On 25 June, the Wrath of Olives' Operation Room fighters carried out an operation against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army on the road between the villages of Amara and Sheikhotka in Mobata district of Afrin canton. One of the mercenaries was killed, and one of the leaders of the gangs, Derzi abo Khaled was seriously injured.

The first operation was on 9 June

It is worth mentioning that the leadership of Wrath of Olive Operation Room issued a statement on 9 June, in which it adopted the liquidation of the mercenary named Ahmed Mesto, known as Abo Aslan al-Kurdi, the leader of the Jabha al-Shamia mercenaries.

"The history proves that the occupation is temporary and cannot be prolonged and will pay the price of its crimes sooner or later, it has also been proven that the occupation cannot guarantee the lives and safety of the mercenaries cooperating with it.” The statement said.

On this basis, we confirm in Wrath of Olives Operation Room to liquidate all the traitors dealing with the Turkish occupation and declare our responsibility for the assassination of the mercenary Ahmed Mesto (Abo Aslan). Our fighters were able to monitor the movements of the mercenary Mesto for several days until they managed to kill him on the evening of the 7th June. He left his military point in Mobata district by jeep car, then he had changed it with a pick-up in the middle of the road and during the return, he changed his car with another Mercedes taxi type, our forces had continued to monitor his movements and during his arrival at the center Mobata(Mobatly) district where our fighter ambushed him, shooting him then with a number of shots, killing him and his car was turned over the road. "



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