Writer: Ocalan is the only thinker who fights for humanity

The writer, Diab Haji stated that leader Ocalan's books has proven that he is the thinker and philosopher of the time, that fights for humanity, as a result, he was subjected to severe isolation by the Turkish authorities and colonial powers.

The Turkish authorities impose strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and prevent his lawyer and his family from meeting him. The Kurdish writer Haji believes that most of the world revolutionaries and leaders, either have been martyred or imprisoned, such as Gandhi and Mandela for the safety and freedom of their peoples."

"In the current century, after the death of the leaders Gandhi and Mandela, Ocalan is the only fighter who has protected culture, thought and humanity." he said.

Haji pointed out that Ocalan's books have proven that Abdullah Ocalan is a thinker and philosopher of the times. "There are many reasons for his arrest, for spreading a global democratic philosophy to salvage the oppressed peoples, and to obtain their freedom." He added.

He added that the peoples of the Middle East are deprived of their rights and freedom, except for Persians, Arabs and Turks, and they struggle throughout history and until the present time to achieve their freedom and dignity.

Haji pointed out: "The domination of authoritarian states, tyranny and oppression against these peoples claiming their freedom and rights  deprived them of their rights. "

Haji pointed out that the philosophy of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of the peoples is the appropriate solution and response to the occupiers in the Middle East, and said: "Because the colonial countries are not in their interest to solve these differences and problems."

Haji said: "The leader Abdullah Ocalan is the only one who explained history, and provided appropriate solutions to all outstanding problems."

Haji explained that what is required of the Kurdish people in this sensitive historical phase is to unify its ranks, to serve their cause and break the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Writer Diab Haji has several books in the Kurdish language, and he is a member of the Union of Intellectuals in the Al-Jazeera Region.

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