​​​​​​​Yahya Mahmoud…Astana meeting aims to hit cohesion of the Syrian components

The head of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance party confirmed that any solution that comes through conference sponsored by regional states is not for the benefit of the Syrian people is just for their interests at the expense of the Syrian people, and the recent Astana meeting aims to foil Autonomous Administration project.

The guarantor countries of the Astana track in Sochi, Russia, issued the final statement of the 15th round last Wednesday, and agreed to hold (Astana 16) meetings in the Kazakh capital, Nur-Sultan, in the middle of this year 2021.

The meeting discussed the work of the constitutional committee entrusted with the task of drafting a constitution for the country, after the state sponsors of Astana (Russia, Iran, Turkey) were accused of thwarting the committee’s work in its fifth round. They also discussed other files, including fighting terrorism and the increase in attacks in northern Syria, and rejecting any forms of autonomy.

At a time when Russia and the Syrian regime are mobilizing to storm Idlib and areas in the countryside of Aleppo, Turkey's bombing of northeastern Syria, which resulted in many displaced people in light of the critical economic conditions, and reports confirming Turkish support for ISIS/Daesh mercenaries.

The head of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance, Yahya Mahmoud, said: “The Syrian crisis has turned into conferences or conspiracies if we want to be fair. These conspiracies began with the internationalization of the crisis, which has become regional and then international.”

He added, "We started to see the Geneva outlets that did not contribute to any progress, and then they turned the Geneva route to Astana, through regional countries such as Turkey and Iran, and they wanted the Syrian solution to be based on measuring their interests."

Yahya Mahmoud believed that "the Astana meeting, which did not come out with any solutions, is rather an expresses the visions of the regional countries sponsoring it, and every time it leaves without any decision, then they disperse to continue in Astana until they reached the fifteenth conference, and in fact it is a conspiracy against the Syrian people. "

Mahmoud added, "The guarantors of the Astana track are trying to divide Syria after they tampered with its sovereignty, and the outputs of the path were not in the interest of the Syrian people, whether in the north or in the south, but only for their interests."

Regarding the last meeting, Yahya Mahmoud said: “It is a blow to the Syrian social fabric, and it struck a pioneering idea in northeastern Syria, which is the Autonomous Administration that expressed the people's interests, The Autonomous Administration project is considered a unique project and represents salvation for the Syrian people, but the guarantor countries are increasing and burdening the Syrian people in their desire to prolong the Syrian crisis.

The head of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance Party indicated that the Syrian Democratic Alliance Party seeks to gather members of the Syrian people "on a political vision that represents a salvation to the crisis. We called for an inclusive national conference in Damascus in which all the Syrian parties sit and agree on a national solution without external dictates that fulfills the hopes of the Syrian people." And his ambitions. "

Yahya Mahmoud affirmed, "We want the guarantors to be truly guarantors, not passive, to intervene in Syria to measure their interests and achieve their mutual interests through collusion, in favor of occupying a new land from Syria and plundering wealth."

Noting that the solution to "the Syrian issue is in the hands of its people. The Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, represented by its political wing (SDF), opened channels for dialogue and proposed solutions, but it was not met by a response by the political parties, due to the lack of independence of the Syrian decision."

He explained that "the Syrian solution will not be through those conferences, seminars and sessions, because it did not bring a serious and real solution to the Syrian crisis, as most of the Syrian people have become displaced and refugees at home and abroad, and they want a just solution for all Syrian parties."

He concluded his speech saying" He who stood in front of the demands of the Syrian people cannot be a guarantor of its salvation. Whoever brings weapons to kill the Syrians is not a guarantor, and whoever bombes the Syrian people with its air force is not a guarantor."



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