Yasidi Community Coordination calls for support for Shengal

Yasidi Community Coordination in Europe has called on Kurdistan parts and people to respond to the call by the Autonomous Democratic Administration in Shengal by holding protests to stand up to plots hatched to occupy Shengal.  

Yasidi Community Coordination in Europe has issued a written statement regarding dangers hatched against Shengal.

The statement touched first of all on the concluded agreement on October 9th, 2020, amongst Iraq, Turkey and Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, on Shengal, stating that such an agreement is being considered as a new decree for a new genocide against the Yasidi community in Shengal, and that, according to terms of the agreement, 10,000 soldiers have been mobilized by the Federal Iraqi Government to Shengal to be encircled.

The statement adding that :'' on this, we, on behalf of the Yasidi Community Coordination in Shengal, call on the Yasidi community in Europe and Kurdistan, to stop all daily works and give hand to Ezidxan, as far as Shengal is under threats and dangers, for in this way only, we can foil genocide and occupation stratagems against Ezidxan and Kurdistan''.  

The Yasidi Community Coordination called on '' our people in all over the world to gather at Iraq's diplomatic representatives, and those of Kurdistan Regional Government, the KRG, and United Nations' and to organize social activities. 

As well as calling on our people in Germany especially to gather on November 26th, 2020, at representatives of State and the United Nations' in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt for a sit – in.  

Worth to note that on Friday,  November 27th, protest and sit- in activities would be held in various German and European countries in support of Ezidxan.


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