Yazidi child found among those who left al-Bagouz today

The Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) fighters found an 11-year-old Yazidi child among those who left today from al-Bagouz.


The fighters of SDF found a child of Yazidi among the mercenaries who left al-Bagouz today.

Our correspondent, who is following the events in al-Bagouz, reported that the name of the child is Rihad, 11 years old, from the village of Tal al-Banat of Shengal. He was among those kidnapped by mercenaries when they launched the attack on Shengal in August 2014.

Dozens of Yazidis who were kidnapped by mercenaries were released during special operations carried out by the forces in al-Bagouz and during the evacuation operations in the village.



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