Yazidi child: They trained us on suicide missions, sent us to fight

The Yazidi child, Milad Hussein, said that IS was insulting them under the pretext of infidelity and calling them "infidels." He pointed out that many Yazidis were trained as suicide bombers and fighting alongside mercenaries under the name of "Jihad."


After the campaign launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the areas of Deir ez-Zor to free them from the terror of IS, which was trapped in the last area in al-Bagouz, the forces liberated thousands of civilians and dozens of Yazidis and children who were kidnapped from Shengal.

Yazidi child Milad Hussein Khalaf, 13, from Shengal city, was kidnapped by mercenaries from his city on the second day of their attack on Shengal while he and some other children were playing football.

He said, " They took us from Shengal and put us in Tal Afar  and there they put us in prison."

Milad said he was with a group of 21 Yazidi children in prison. They were constantly beaten by mercenaries, forced to read the Koran .

"We tried to escape from them while we were moving from one place to another, but we did not know where we were being transferred because we did not know them before." They did not tell us where we were.

Milad says they moved a lot with the mercenaries and eventually reached the village of al-Bagouz where IS was besieged.

After arriving at al- Bagouz village, IS placed them in a prison there, Milad and some of his companions managed to escape.

He said, "They brought us lunch and when they opened the door we ran away. Two of my comrades tried to catch up with us, but we managed to reach the areas of SDF and the vehicles that transport the civilians and get them out of the hands of IS.

Milad said IS had been training children to carry out suicide attacks and had sent a number of children to blow themselves up. He pointed out that children over the age of 14 were sent to fight and participate in the fighting and they told us that he was going to jihad.



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