Yazidi journalist: establishment ISIS camp near Şengal aims to eradicate Yazidi component

Yazidi activist and journalist, Tahsin Sheikh Kalo said: The establishment of the Iraqi government to a camp that houses ISIS mercenaries near Şengal is a deliberate political plan to disrupt stability in the region and increase the threat to Yazidis, noting that all components of the Nineveh governorate reject this matter and consider it a direct threat.

The Iraqi government intends to transfer 31,400 people from the families of ISIS mercenaries who are existed in NE, Syria camps to AA, to a new camp in the Zammar district in the Iraqi province of Nineveh.

The camp, named after the "currency", consists of 4,000 tents, while information received from the region revealed that the completion rate in it exceeded 50%, and the Ministry of Immigration and Displaced Persons supervises its construction work.

The establishment of the camp is met with widespread rejection from the tribes of the Iraqi Nineveh Governorate, and the people of Şengal district located in the western side of the governorate, and considered the establishment of it in an area close to them a repatriation of danger to them, while blocks in the Iraqi parliament joined the denial of rejection, and submitted objections to the government regarding this.


In this regard, the Yazidi activist and journalist, Tahsin Sheikh Kalo said: "The attempt to open a camp in Zammar area for the families of ISIS mercenaries, and transfer them from al-Hol camp to Iraq, and in an area close to Şengal, is a deliberate plan for another genocide against the Yazidis, and a way to impose siege on them and block the road between them and the Kurdistan region due to its location.

Sheikh Kalo considered the Iraqi government's step "a negative and dangerous step, and it has a great impact on Yazidis, and will be a reason to impede stability in the region more, because the people who will be moved near the Yazidis were involved with ISIS in the crimes, and they themselves are ISIS, so the camp opened a conspiracy against the Yazidis, And he was prevented from returning to their land, because the danger will always exist, at a time when the Iraqi government was obligated to work to return them and provide them with more stability. "

Şengal district was exposed on August 3, 2014, a brutal attack by ISIS mercenaries who committed massacres against Yazidis, and killed thousands of them, while the mercenaries kidnapped more than 5,000 Yazidi women, the fate of hundreds of them is still unknown, while the attack caused the exodus of more than 100 thousand Yazidi, from their homes, went to European countries.

Rejection opening the camp

Speaking of Nineveh Governorate in general, the danger of an ISIS camp, and the widespread rejection by the tribes there, Tahsin Sheikh Kalo continued: “The people of Nineveh Governorate in general refuse to open the camp, because it is not in anyone's interest to have a camp for those who have committed crimes against them He said: "This will affect the stability of the situation in the region, the spread of chaos, and the creation of more problems, especially since the province was witnessing a period of stability and reconstruction during this period."

In his speech, Sheikh Kalo identified the demands of the Yazidis from the Iraqi governments and the Kurdistan region, regarding the prosecution of ISIS and take into consideration, and said: “They should try ISIS elements, and whoever is involved with ISIS with special legal articles, and in special courts, and not according to general articles, or article terrorism, because what happened to the Yazidis as a religious minority is a crime of genocide. "

On February 22, the clans of the Nineveh Governorate organized a sit-in in front of the camp gate, which is under construction, and hung on its door "Camp closed by order of the people" as an expression of its rejection of the presence of ISIS mercenary camp near them.

While the representatives of the Nineveh Governorate in the Iraqi parliament stated during their permits, which were reported by several media outlets, the choice of the region to establish the "al-Amlah" camp came without taking the opinion of the local government, and the Nineveh deputies in the Iraqi parliament by the Iraqi government, national security in addition to joint operations.



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