Yazidi journalist: Turkey plans to occupy more territories of Kurdistan; Kurdish forces must join hands

Yazidi journalist Yasser Elias said that Turkey has a plan to occupy more of the geography of Kurdistan, and what is happening in the attempts to occupy the Gara region calls for the solidarity of all Kurdish forces to stand against it.

Since yesterday, the Turkish occupation army has launched an attack on the Gara region in the territories of Başûr Kurdistan; the People’s Defense Forces said that the attack aims to occupy Başûr Kurdistan.

While the authorities in Başûr Kurdistan have yet to issue any statement calling for an end to the attacks or to stand against them.

In this context, Yazidi journalist Yasser Elias said, "The attack on Gara is a Turkish plot to occupy more of the geography of Kurdistan."

'The peoples of the region met nothing but killing and destruction from Turkey'

He added, "Erdogan went out to threaten Şengal to attack it, and to launch repeated attacks on the regions of north and east Syria, as he is trying to restore the bloody history of the Ottomans to the region, and to occupy (Mosul in Iraq and Aleppo in Syria again)."

"All the peoples of the region and its components did not receive anything but killing, destruction and devastation from the Ottomans, and they will not receive any better than that from Turkey, because its ambitions are historical."

Yasser Elias also pointed out that Turkey makes pretexts in any region it intends to establish or occupy bases there that the Workers' Party is there, and he continued wondering: The Turkish occupation base in the Bashiqa area (which is a Yazidi region) what is its goal, are there PKK forces in BAshiqa?

'Turkish threat targets the entire geography of Kurdistan'

Criticizing the Kurdistan Regional Government's silence about what Turkey intends to do, he said, "Until now, we have seen only some statements from the Kurdistan Democratic Party that support Turkey and its attacks. It must stop its silence, as Turkey's threat targets the entire geography of Kurdistan, not just Şengal and Gara.

'Kurdish forces should join hands and stand up to attacks'

He stressed that dozens of Turkish military occupation bases have been established so far on the territory of Başûr Kurdistan, and Turkey’s project to expand its occupation has not stopped.

He said, "The Peshmerga, Guerrilla and all Kurdish forces must stand together and stand against the Turkish occupation, and stop silence about it.

'Supporting the Guerrilla Resistance'

Journalist Yasser Elias also touched on the attack of ISIS mercenaries on Şengal in 2014, and said, “The Kurdistan Democratic Forces have left thousands of Şengal people in the hands of ISIS, and had it not been for the Guerrilla intervention from the mountains of Kurdistan, the fate of all Yezidis in Şengal as in Kojo, so everyone must support and back its resistance against the occupation.



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