Yazidi Notable : Yasidis vulnerable to danger

Faris Shamo has indicated that the Yasidi community is open to another genocide, calling on Yasidis and the Yasidi community in Europe to stand up to such a plot and protect the Yasidi community. 

Rejecting popular reactions proceed on the concluded agreement between the Federal Government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government, the KRG, regarding Shengal, signed on October 9th, 2020, whose aim is to foil the will of  the Yasidi community that set up the Autonomous Democratic Administration in Shengal after ISIS offensive in 2014, as the Federal Government mobilizes ten thousand military forces to be sent to Shengal.

Fares Shamo, one of the Yasidi notables in the Jazira Canton, has made clear that :'' before the ISIS offensive on Shengal there were thousands of Peshmergha and Iraqi forces, but they never fired a bullet to protect the Yasidi community that suffered from murder, displacement and abduction in the aftermath of ISIS offensive''.

Fares noted that the Yasidi community made in the last six years many sacrifices, and organized themselves, saying: ''today, we find that Kurdistan Democratic Party, in coordination with Baghdad, is trying to thwart Yasidis'.

October 9th, 2020, marks a new Ferman

Fares confirmed that the newly signed agreement is just a new machination against the Yasidi community, with the aim to commit a new genocide against Yasidis, saying : ''who letdown the Yasidis has no right to pretend that they are eager to protect them, if they just want to protect Shengal, they are prioritized to protect their own borders''.

Fares called on all Yasidis all over the world and the Yasidi Exile Council in Europe, the  MŞD, to go on streets to protests and condemn the agreement that targets not only the Yasidis but the whole Kurdish people''.


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