Yazidi party rejects Turkish threats, criticizes Iraqi government's silence

The Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party called on the Iraqi government to reject the Turkish threats to launch aggression on Şengal district, and confirmed through a statement that Şengal is not for sale and political bargaining.

The Turkish occupation seeks to expand its occupation territory, launching more attacks outside its borders, while Erdogan openly threatened Şengal district in Başûr Kurdistan (Southern Kurdistan) to launch an attack.

In response, the Yazidi Freedom and Democracy Party issued today a statement to public opinion, which was read by the Member of the party's Political Bureau, Haidar Resho, in front of the party's office in Sununi district of Şengal.

The statement said: "To the United Nations and the Iraqi government, we say that Şengal is not for sale and not for political bargaining, and we condemn the Turkish statements in support of terrorism."

It added: "Where is the Iraqi state towards these hostile statements, and where are the international protocols signed among the neighboring countries? Does not Iraq have sovereignty?"

It continued: "Iraq has become an arena for settling liabilities, and the people are the ones who pay the price."."

  The statement concluded: "We say we will defend its honor, land and majestic mountain, the mountain of heroism and sacrifice, and we will not give up the gains of the martyrs who created ISIS and liberated them from its filthy abomination, and we will resist against any attack."



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