Yazidi woman: Daesh took avenge of us after SDF victories

A Yazidi woman liberated form IS clutches pointed out that IS mercenaries are being encircled by SDF Fighters, and the women were exposed to brutal practice and tortured them a lot, by virtue of SDF have been liberated from injustice


Şengal province exposed to IS barbaric attacks on on3 August, 2014, which is considered as massacre according to 74th decree committed against Yazidi people, during this massacre IS mercenaries abducted hundreds of Yazidi women and were sold to mercenaries into slavery in al-Raqqa, Mosul and many other areas that were occupied by IS mercenaries

About 200 women have been liberated from IS clutches by SDF during the campaigns launched in north and east of Syria

Among these women, (MK) 30 years old, she was 25 years old when she was kidnapped by IS mercenaries. She was from the village of Tel -Qusab in Şengal province. She described the moment of IS mercenaries' attacks on Şengal as terrifying attacks "When IS attacked us, we fled from Tel-Qusab to Solax and then to Qinê to the house of one of our relatives. When we arrived there, we were surrounded in that house and kidnapped with a large number of our relatives."

"When they kidnapped us, they separated the women and men, and killed the men and the elderly in front of our eyes, 88 men of my family and relatives were killed. Then they took the women to Tel- Afar and put them in schools and then after Tel- Afar to Mosul and put them in Badoc prison. We stayed there for about a month and then returned to Tal Afar to differentiate between me and my sisters. "

I stayed in Tel-Afar for 5 months, and then they took me and with other women to al-Raqqa city by 30 buses and placed us on a two- floor farm. I stayed with a mercenary from Idlib, named Abu Obeida, I remained there for three years. During these years I was exposed to all kinds of humiliation.

And after the killing of Abu Obeida, she was transferred into slavery to be sold to IS mercenaries or been given as a gift to someone, and says in this regard, "I stayed into slavery for a year and then I was imprisoned because of the victories that were achieved by SDF, where they avenged us, I was imprisoned for two months and after my departure I moved to al-Bagoz. "

Daesh was being besieged by SDF, M,K was taken to Hajin area in the last stronghold of IS, during qualitative operation M,K with thousands of civilians have been liberated from IS clutches in  Hajin area .

It is worth mentioning that the Women Protection Units YPJ was handed her over to the Women Body in al-Jazeera region, which in turn handed her over to her relatives in Şengal.



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