Yazidi Women Union calls for ending Afrin occupation

The Yazidi Women Union in Rojava called for the termination of the Turkish occupation of Afrin Canton.

On the advent of the fourth annual anniversary of the commencement of the Turkish occupation forces onslaught against the Afrin Canton , the Yazidi Women Union of Rojava issued a statement in which it condemned the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the crimes committed there  calling on both the international community and the United Nations to stop the barbaric crimes committed by the Turkish occupation forces and its affiliated mercenary groups and to terminate the occupation.

''the Turkish state and its extremist thought seek to Turkofy and Arabize Afrin. It fought the Kurds and expelled them from their lands under the pretext of national defense.

In the name of the Yazidi Women Union in Rojava we condemn and denounce the occupation of and we call on the United Nations and all international associations concerned with human rights to stand up to these barbaric aggression and to put an end to all these blatant breaches against humanity''.



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