Yazidis in Europe join to campaign Freedom for Ocalan leader

The Coordination of the Yazidi Community in Europe announced its joining the freedom campaign of leader Abdullah Ocalan with all its strength, stressing that life and a free future in the homeland of Yazidis and Kurdistan will be based on the ideas and philosophy of Leader Ocalan.

The Coordination of the Yazidi Community in Europe issued a statement on the campaign "Stop isolation, Fascism and Occupation, Time for Freedom", stressing the importance of the freedom of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, for the sake of the Yazidis and all the peoples of Kurdistan and the region.

The statement reads: “It is known that the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, was arrested on February 15, 1999 as a result of an international conspiracy and methods contrary to human rights. Indeed, the attack on the leader Ocalan began on October 9, 1998, and he was kidnapped and handed over to Turkey in an unimaginable way. It is legal and violates all human rights standards, and it can be said that the attack on the leader Ocalan and his kidnapping contributed to the start of the Third World War.

The conspiracy and attacks launched against the leader Ocalan and the violations practiced against him to this day have reinforced the attacks and conspiracy against the entire Middle East region, and against the fate of peoples, freedom, democracy and co- existence.

According to the hegemonic, authoritarian, imperialist and backward forces, the thought and approach of Leader Ocalan and the Kurdish People's Freedom Movement were hindered in its policy of redesigning the Middle East, the dominant powers saw the need to target the main force of the Kurdish people and their leader, who aims to achieve a free, equal and peaceful life for all peoples of the region, because the design of the region was based on the design of Kurdistan.

The ruling powers in the region ignored all the warnings and proposals of the leader Ocalan to prevent the imposition of this policy on the peoples, and the democratic and progressive forces did not respond to the warnings and calls of Ocalan and the Kurdish people's freedom movement, not only the ruling authorities in the region, as they are making great efforts and measures to destroy the free will of the leader Ocalan from on the one hand, the war is intensifying across the region on the other hand.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced, and peoples, nations, societies and religions have become enemies to each other and the pillars on which the coexistence approach was based have been removed. Despite all the isolation, attacks and psychological warfare in Imrali and despite the lack of opportunities, Leader Ocalan was able to transmit his views and warnings to the freedom movement and the people.

An immediate end to the isolation imposed on Leader Ocalan, in order to build coexistence throughout the Middle East and Kurdistan, where hope for a life of freedom, equality and democracy will be imprisoned behind bars, as long as the leader is imprisoned. On this basis, and as the coordinator of the Yazidi community in Europe, we see the international campaign and initiative to release the leader Ocalan as meaningful and valuable, and we participate in it with all our strength. This is our historical responsibility towards all the Yazidi who sacrificed themselves, Kurdistan, humanity, the victims of the 73 massacres committed against the Kurdish People and in our capacity as the coordinator and the community, we apologize to all the victims of August 14, 2007, August 3, 2014, Mam Zaki Şengali, leader Zardasht Şengali, Shirfan Gilo, Hamid and Yazdin, all of them who had sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Şengal.

In this context, we call on the entire Yazidi community, the Kurds and their friends all to join the freedom campaign of the leader Ocalan, and to confront the mentality of genocide, fascism and racism, because the leader's freedom will prevent the killing of millions of victims and prevent what happened to humanity in the first and second world wars.




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