YBŞ: Some parties seek to hit the stability in Şengal province

The Media Center of Şengal Resistance Units indicated that some parties and forces want to create instability in Şengal province, and confirmed that the area in which the car bomb exploded yesterday evening does not belong to their units, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party Peshmerga exists there.

Yesterday evening, the village of Qeni, near Sharaf al-Din shrine, in Şengal province, witnessed an explosion, a car bomb in an area belonging to groups of Peshmerga affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by "Qasim Shcho".

In response to this incident, the Media Center of Şengal Resistance Units issued a statement to the public, in which it indicated that the explosion was not the result of bombing by aircraft, according to what was published about it.

The text of the statement read:

Yesterday evening, at 20:45, a car explosion occurred near Sharaf al-Din shrine, which is a sacred place for our society. It is not clear yet how it happened and who is responsible for this explosion. But the striking thing is that some forces and the PDK made it clear that this attack is an air attack … When this explosion occurred, no drones or warplanes were present in the sky of Şengal, and the area where the explosion occurred is not affiliated with the Şengal Resistance Units.

It is clear that some forces and parties want from these words and actions, especially after the return of our people to their lands, to show the security situation in Şengal as unstable. But it is known that after a six-year struggle, the security and safety that exists in Şengal does not exist in any region in Iraq and southern Kurdistan. Those who want to sabotage Şengal 's security and safety with these words and deeds will not reach their goals.

A statement about the incident will be issued by our leadership at a later time. "



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