Yemeni Politcian: Turkey tends towards isolation due to Erdogan disturbing presence in international files

The researcher and political analyst, Anwar Al-Tamimi, said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is leading his country to isolation, and confirmed that Erdogan recorded a "troublemaker" presence in the oil files and strategic corridors.

Yemeni researcher and political analyst Anwar Al-Tamimi indicated in an interview with our agency that Erdogan dwarfs Turkey and makes it merely a shelter and logistical support for terrorist groups and oil thieves, indicating that this matter will create a class in Turkey itself whose interests are linked to terrorism and terrorists.

'Erdogan has dismantling projects to destroy neighboring countries'

Al-Tamimi said: “Erdogan’s project is a destructive, disintegrating project for neighboring countries. It does not possess the components of the ability to annex or manage these target countries and colonize them, as the Ottomans used to do, because the circumstances are completely different. striking the national state is targeted, and paving the way for gangs and local organizations associated with Turkish intelligence to gain access to power in these countries, so that Erdogan regime can seize the capabilities and wealth of these countries.

He noted that the alleged development in Turkey, that Erdogan talks about, is based on the devastation of other societies, for example, the Turkish tourism boom is based on striking Egypt tourism through Turkey's terrorist proxies and the prosperity of the Turkish textile industry is based on the premise of striking the textile industry in Syria. Turkey's access to oil and gas, according to the Erdogan project, can only be done by destroying Libya and destabilizing the Mediterranean.

Turkey evades legal and political costs by using Syrian mercenaries

Commenting on Turkey's use of its paid Syrian mercenaries in neighboring countries, Al-Tamimi said: A direct response to Turkey, and the most that can be done, is to direct military strikes to these gangs.

'Erdogan's troublesome actions kept him away from the European Union'

On the differences of Turkey with the European Union, Al-Tamimi noted that Erdogan had long flirted with Europe, but his society was not ready for integration for several reasons, so admission to Turkey as a member of the European club was postponed. In exchange for ceasing to raise problems, Erdogan's last statement came at the height of European discontent with the Turkish riots, which confirms that Erdogan believes that the moment is appropriate for picking the fruit, and these methods have made Turkey more distant than ever from the dream of entering the European club.

'Turkish ambitions and delusions about the new US administration'

The Yemeni political analyst and researcher indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood and Erdogan are illusory about anticipated qualitative changes in the rules of engagement in international relations after Biden's victory, and they expect arrangements and storm events in the size of the arrangements of the so-called Arab revolutions in 2011, so Erdogan aspires to an American support for his movements and policies, and he thinks that this matter Become a detective.

On Turkey's threat on Russian influence, Anwar Al-Tamimi stressed that any threat from Turkey to Russian influence ends with the first Russian protest or alert to Turkey, and what is happening now is for propaganda purposes only.

'Erdogan dwarfs Turkey and makes it a haven for terrorist groups'

At the end of his speech, the Yemeni political analyst and researcher Anwar Al-Tamimi touched on the future of Turkish interference in neighboring countries and said: “Erdogan dwarfs Turkey and makes it merely a shelter and logistical support for terrorist groups and oil thieves, and this matter will create a class in Turkey itself, whose interests are linked to terrorism and terrorists, and will not. These local groups are reluctant to transfer terrorism to Turkey in the future, if their economic interests require it, he does so to create an incubator that accepts his remaining in power, but it completely destroys Turkey's present and future.



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