Yemeni political activist: Turkey seeks to control the sources of oil ,Bab al-Mandab strait

Yemeni political activist Fahim al-Jaboubi confirmed that Turkey has become a major obstacle to achieving peace in Yemen, through its support for extremist groups, indicating that there are Turkish efforts to influence the Yemeni situation and try to control oil sources and the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

Observers of Yemeni affairs are observing a significant increase in the level of Turkey's intervention in Yemen, in direct coordination with Qatar and members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the use of Turkish security and intelligence services operating in Yemen.

'Turkey supported the chaos'

About this, the Yemeni political activist Fahim al-Jaboubi told Hawar news agency ANHA, saying, “From the beginning, the Turkish interventions in Yemen were continuing, as they greatly supported the chaos in 2011 and supplied their arms in Yemen with weapons and money, and a shipment of weapons containing silencer pistols was arrested and the aim was to liquidate the elites and the opposition leaders of their arms in Yemen at that time. "

Al-Jaboubi added, “After the Houthi group invaded Yemen, it also supported al-Houthi, who is considered a partner for them alongside the Brotherhood in Yemen, where the two parties agree to unified Qatari support, not to mention embracing the Brotherhood’s field, political and religious leaders in Istanbul, and among these groups is the Islah Party, who are in Marib. Under the name of the National Army, the Popular Mobilization Forces have recently appeared in Taiz, led by Sheikh Hammoud al-Mikhlafi, who is now in Turkey.

"Turkey obstructs the return of the state in Yemen"

He explained, "This group is officially supported by Turkey, and this is an obstacle to legitimacy and supportive of the Houthis, and that Turkey has become the main obstacle to achieving peace in Yemen, through its formations outside the legitimacy, which receive its orders from Istanbul, threatening this Yemeni unity and peace and an obstacle to the state's return in Yemen".

Turkish Efforts to Tighten the Grip on Oil and Bab al-Mandab Sources

Al-Jaboubi referred to Turkey's efforts to unify the Muslim Brotherhood and the Houthis front in the face of the national project and neutralize Yemeni legitimacy, especially in the northern regions, and tighten its militia's grip on oil sources like Marib, and its neutralization of the northern regions means isolating it and separating the north from the south because its Ottoman legacy was in the north.

He revealed that "Ankara is now working to mobilize its militias in Taiz and is seeking reconciliation between Houthi and the Popular Mobilization Forces to open a front on the western coast, the aim of which is to control the Bab al-Mandab Strait."

The political activist explained, "The Brotherhood sought to transfer forces and equipment to Socotra Island to control it, as it is one of Turkey's goals, and its desire to establish a military base there, and to strengthen its presence in the Arab Sea and the Gulf of Aden."

"These groups only achieve Turkey's goals in the region."

He added, "Of course, there is an undeclared alliance between those factions that are supported by Turkey, where the Brotherhood pretends to be with the legitimacy, but it hands over the camps and weapons in huge quantities to the Houthis and withdraws from a number of fronts, while at the same time mobilizing its forces that are supposed to fight Houthi but are mobilizing them to fight." In the southern regions of Shabwa and other areas that contain oil wells, although those who control the southern regions are the people of the south who are originally part of the Arab coalition forces.

"This is evidence that the movements of these groups come from Istanbul and achieve nothing but Turkey's goals in the region," concluded the Yemeni political activist.



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