Yezidis in Afrin  exposed to genicide

The violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are still continuing   on Afrin canton 's people , where mercenaries kidnapped 18 citizens, including a woman, amongest Yezidin from Qatam village belonging to Shara district .


Turkish occupation and mercenaries deliberately kidnap citizens of the Yazidi community, including the annihilation of the Yezidi community.

According to a source from Qatam village at Shara district in Afrin canton the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries arrested 15 residents of the village who are members of the Yezidi community and took them to the mosque of the village.

The arrested citizens whose name is Haj Ahmad Hamo, 70, professor Nabil Mohammed, 64, his wife Elham Mohammed, 60, Hussein Ebo, 70, Hanan Prem, 65, Azad Prem, 35, Hameed Kassem, 39, Adnan Qassem, 45, Nidal Qassem, 43, and his son Hamdoush Qassem, 15, Fawzi Shamo, 55, and his sons ,15, 17, Ayman Hamadeh, 35, Shaikho Hamada, 28, Sadiq Sulaiman, 34, and 16 of the Yazidi community.

The source noted that the mercenaries kidnapped other citizens,whose name is  Omar Omar, Khalil Bahri and Mohammed Badri"

The source pointed out that the mercenaries released both Nabil Muhammad and his wife, Elham Mohammed, after torture, and paid a sum of $ 2,500 in ransom. Despite the payment, the mercenaries stole all the property in Nabil's house.

The source also reported that mercenaries steal civilians 's properties  after their arrest and impose the teaching of the principles of Islam on the Yezidis citizen .

According to a second source from Qibar village , the mercenaries demanded the ransom of "Fadi Aref, Ibrahim Aref, Hanan Aref, Abdul Rahman Aref, Ali Aref and Sameer Aref" who were arrested earlier, for $ 5,000 each.

A former source of Hawar news agency (ANHA) from inside Afrin reported that the Turkish dead had arrested the family of 'Adnan Hajiko', known as 'Mando', from the village of 'Qibar' in the Afrin canton The names of the family members are '' Zakiya Hagiko, Rizkan Hajiko and now Hajiko '' and taken to Turkey.

The elements of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are still  continuing  to arrest young men, women and the elderly in Afrin canton on false pretexts, in order to evacuate the people from their homes and  to settle mercenaries 's families , as part of a deliberate plan by the Turkish occupation to change the demographics of the region.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin are also working on turkification al-Alaween in the Afrin canton in order to rig elections, which will take place on the 24th of June.



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