YJA-STAR carried out 2 operations, 7 soldiers killed

According to the media center of the Popular Defense Forces (HPG), seven soldiers of the Turkish occupation army were killed as a result of two operations carried out by the Free Women Star Units YJA-STAR in Başûr (South Kurdistan) and Bakur (North Kurdistan).


HPG's media center revealed the results of 2 operations carried out by YJA-STAR in Barzan in Başûr Kurdistan and Erzîngan in Bakur Kurdistan, and that was during a statement issued on Wednesday.

The text of statement included:

“In the framework of the revolutionary campaign which launched on behalf of the two martyrs Agirî and Pîroz, our units YJA-STAR carried out an operation against a hidden military unit of the Turkish occupation army in Baryak Hill in Barzan of Başûr Kurdistan at 10:40. The units dealt the unit strong blows which led to killing 4 Turkish soldiers.

And in the framework of the military campaign which was launched on behalf of the two martyrs Ozan and Roza, our forces YJA -STAR carried out an operation in Deraşoran Square in Kemah district in Erzîngan city against the Turkish occupation army, and that was in May7 at 9:00. During this operation, the enemies’ fortifications destroyed and 3 Turkish soldiers were killed. 



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