YJA-Star targets Turkish occupation army, eliminates 3 soldiers

The Free Women's Units-Star announced that they had managed to eliminate three Turkish soldiers stationed at Varkinema post in Colemêrg's Gever district during an operation against them.

The People's Defense Forces' Media Center (HPG) today released a public statement on the operation that Free Women's Units-Star carried out as part of the revolutionary struggle of martyrs Bakir and Ronya.

The statement said that today, at 04.45, the units carried out an operation against a unit of the Turkish army stationed at Varkinema post located in Gever district of Colemêrg area.

The statement pointed out that the fighters dealt direct strikes to the fortifications of the soldiers and their earth mounds, where three soldiers of the occupation were confirmed to be killed during the operation, so that the occupation then targeted the area with mortars and Obises intensively.

"On 7 June, the Turkish warplanes bombed at 7:00 pm the martyr Beritan area of ​​the legitimate defense zones Medya, while the bombing did not cause any harm to our comrades."


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