YJŞ: feminist will way to emancipation

Şengal Women Units, the YJŞ, has commemorated the 5th annual anniversary of it's establishment as well as paying tribute to Free Women Units, YJA STAR, and the Women Protection Units, the YPJ, for the vital role played in liberating the Yazidi women held as captives.

In conjunction with the 5th annual anniversary of it's creation General Command of the Şengal Women Units, the YJŞ, released a written statement, commencing '' feminist will is the women emancipation'', and reads as follows:

''on this occasion we congratulate architect of freedom leader APO, as well as all mothers, women and people, and expressing heartily greetings to the YJA –STAR and the YPJ that played their roles in releasing from captivity our girls and mothers, and liberated society, and most notably, they were the inspiration that gave up impetus to organize and consolidate our will and identity and revived hopes of society aspirant to freedom. 

''the resistance put up would remain a lighthouse for determination and will for all women in Şengal generally, and for our forces represented in  YJŞ.


''our people is still undergoing massacres, on August 3rd, 2014, when our people was open to an offensive by the enemies of humanity represented by ISIS, we were betrayed again, in those critical days, where nobody expected this society to survive such a barbaric enemy, we were able to organize ourselves under YJŞ, in compliance with the unremitting and fighting spirit of the Yazidi women, after which our forces were consolidated and continued under YJŞ.

At the end, YJŞ made allegiance to '' leader APO and all martyrs to proceed to fighting, as well as recalling all martyrs on the way to freedom''.



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