young man killed by ISIS mercenaries in al-Hol camp - updated

An Iraqi young man in al-Houl camp was assassinated by a beating with a sharp tool on his head while he was sleeping, by two mercenaries dressed in the black clothes of ISIS infiltrated into his tent at night, and the young man has lost his live in the hospital on Thursday morning.

According to an ANHA source, an Iraqi young man in al-Houl camp was exposed to an assassination attempt by infiltrating two ISIS mercenaries wearing black robes similar to what ISIS women usually wear to the young man's tent and beating him with a sharp tool on the head. According to witnesses who gave this information to the camp management, the young man was seriously injured and he was taken to al-Hikma Hospital in al-Hasakah city for receiving treatment, while his condition was described as critical.

According to the camp administration, the young man who was assaulted was named "Mohammad Shehadeh Hamadeh" and was noticed that he did not accept Daesh ideology adopted by the majority of the camp's inhabitants, especially Iraqis, due to hardline ideology to those who live in the camp, they attempted to kill the young man, because, according to their thought and fatwas, he "departed from religion and sect and became apostate." The apostate's rule is to kill

Mohammed Shehadeh Hamadeh lost his life this morning in a hospital in al-Hasakah city where he was receiving treatment, despite the attempts of medical staff to save his life.

This is not the first time that such crimes have taken place in al-Hol camp. This camp, which includes thousands of Daesh and their families, and those who have pledged allegiance to ISIS, have taken several cases of murder and assault, including the killing of her granddaughter by ISIS because she refused to wear the dress of ISIS. A woman of Indonesian nationality by a group of ISIS women, as well as an ISIS woman stabbed an ISF camp member, and other cases that emerged as a result of ISIS ideology still espoused by camp residents.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, had warned in remarks to the newspaper "British Guardian", the seriousness of the situation relating to the camp, calling for the need to work to find solutions to the current situation. He described the camp as a "time bomb that is about to be exploded. There is no easy solution."



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