Young women from different cities in north Syria condemn international plot

On Monday, hundreds of young women from the Euphrates region and the cities of Manbij, al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa north of Syria marched in protest against the international plot that targeted Ocalan on February 15, 1999 under the slogan "By the Spirit of Arîn Mirkan, We Will Destroy the Walls of Imrali."


On February 15, 1999, the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan was arrested in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi after an international plot by several countries, especially Turkey.

The Kurds and the peoples of the Middle East described that day as the international plot day, it is known in the Kurdish circles as "The Black Day," and the people denounce it annually.

The young women of the Euphrates region and the towns of Manbij, al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa went on Monday in a protest march to the plot near Aleblur village in Kobanî canton, the first village that Ocalan entered when he has entered Rojava for the first time.

The participants gathered at the Free Women Square where they raised the flags of the Young Women Union, and the pictures of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and the struggler Leyla Guven who has been on hunger strike for 96 days, demanding to put an end to Turkey's isolation of Ocalan for years.

The march began from the Free Women Square amid chanting the slogans that salute Ocalan's resistance and denounce the international plot against him. The march headed towards the village of Aleblur, 10 km west of the city of Kobanî.

Then, the administrator of the Young Women Union in North and East Syria Jinda Munther delivered a speech denouncing the international plot and said, "We do not accept this plot in any way and they will not be able to break our will and struggle, whatever they did."

The march ended with the slogans saluting Ocalan's resistance in Imrali island prison.



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