Younis: Turkey occupies Syrian territories; Damascus government keeps silent

Talaat Younis explained that Turkey is taking Syrian territories and annexing it to Turkey, and the Syrian government does not express any position on this, and indicated that the imposition of the Turkish currency in the occupied areas is evidence of this.

The Turkish occupation carries out Turkification in the areas it occupied in northeastern Syria, as it has recently imposed the Turkish currency in the Azaz region. It also threatened the people with accountability, in addition to that, it changes the demography of the region amid the silence of the Syrian government.

The Co-chair of the Executive Council in the Al-Jazeerah region, Younis, explained that in the recent period the Turkish occupation imposed the Turkish currency in Azaz, and traders and people were given a specific period to boycott dealing in the Syrian currency, in addition to that the Supply Administration threatened in Azaz and traders that whoever violates this will hold itself accountable.

Younis stated that the Turkish occupation seeks, by following this policy, to achieve its economic interests, so that the demand for Turkish currency increases in the areas it has occupied and which are under its control, especially at a time when the Turkish state suffers from an economic crisis.

Turkey cuts off Syrian territories, the government keeps silent

He affirmed that the Turkish state continues to follow the Turkish policy, changing the demographics of the areas it occupied and displacing the original inhabitants from them, and said: “To settle in their place a non-indigenous population. He also imposed the Turkish in the school curricula, and distorted the history and culture of the occupied territories with the aim of obliterating their identity and annexing that regions to their territory

He pointed out how the Turkish state used mercenaries to fulfill its interests and implement its plans in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, and said: “Turkey entered the Syrian lands under the pretext of mercenaries.”

He explained that the Damascus government must stand up to the Turkish occupation plans, and said: "The Syrian government says that the aggression on its territories or its fragmentation is from the red lines that cannot be crossed, but on the other hand Turkey occupies its lands and does not move a finger."

He noted that Turkey is taking Syrian lands and annexing them to Turkey, and the Syrian government does not express any position on this.

He stressed the necessity of struggle and resistance in the face of the Turkish occupation and its plans in the regions of northern and eastern Syria and Syria, and said: "We will not allow the Turkish occupation to implement its plans in our regions, all Syrian forces should stand in the face of Turkish plans."

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