Fawza Yousef: If we not develop self-defense means, Kurds' existence is endangered

In the wake of the racist attacks against the Kurds, Fawza Yousef explained that the existence of the Kurdish people is in danger, and said: "If we do not develop the means of self-defense, we will be unable to face of this danger."

The Turkish occupation state in Kurdistan is moving within the framework of the genocide of the Kurdish people, and is implementing its plan with racist methods, as it was excavated earlier July, with its mercenaries in the shrine of martyrs in occupied Afrin, where it is not known where the remains of the martyrs were transferred, not to mention the killing a Kurdish family in Konya in Turkey, and the attack on two civilian cars in Kobani, in light of the escalation of attacks on Başûr Kurdistan.

In the wake of these racist attacks, a member of the joint presidency of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Fawza Yousef, indicated that these practices are outcomes of the Lausanne Agreement, saying: "All these criminals are elements of the private war, and they were specially trained."

The policies agreed on in Lausanne are still underway

She noted the 98th anniversary of the influential Lausanne Agreement until now, and said: "The agreement denied the Kurdish presence, and agreed to the extermination of the Kurds. The genocide ratified in the agreement is under implementation. Undoubtedly, the war that the Kurds fought against ISIS has had a great impact, as it internationalized the Kurdish issue, but it cannot be said that the annihilation policies on our people, have been thwarted. We must not deceive ourselves, but escalate resistance to thwart the unjust schemes against our existence.”

Sacred values ​​are with the scope of targeting

Regarding the goals of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries from exhuming the martyrs’ shrine in occupied Afrin, she explained that the Turkish state seeks to remove the traces of its massacres against the Kurds, commenting: “The Turkish state targets all our sacred values. This is a continuation of the war of extermination. It seeks to erase our history and all traces of the resistance in Afrin.”

Criminals are members of the private war

And on the side of importance, she pointed to racist practices against the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan, indicating that they are committed at the behest and direction of the Turkish state. Criminals were specially trained, and all of them are members of the private war.

She said: "These follow their brutal methods to undermine the will of the Kurdish people. When fascism is heading towards collapse. The Erdogan-Bakheceli government has gone bankrupt. This fascist alliance will be defeated just as Kanaan Evren and Tansu Çiller were defeated."

Create enmity between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples

She touched on the efforts of the Turkish state to create enmity between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples, and said: "The AKP-MHP government sees its presence in the enmity, and destruction of the democratic nation, so it escalates its racism and fascism, and commits these crimes to thwart the project of peoples unity. This government seeks to create enmity between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples to protect its dictatorship and tyranny, but it is very clear that the Turkish state's policies, poses a danger not only to the Kurdish people, but to the Turkish people and all other peoples in the region. A dangerous scheme in many neighboring countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Iraq, and wherever it goes, it brings with it war and the escalation of sexism, religion, racism and extremism.”

The existence of the Kurdish people is in danger

A member of the Joint Presidency of the Democratic Union Party, Fawza Youse, indicated that the existence of the Kurdish people is in danger, and said: "All forms of genocide are being applied to our people, so we must escalate our struggle on a daily basis. If we cannot protect ourselves and escalate our struggle, we will not be able to protect our future." We will be mortgaged to massacres again, and if we do not develop the means of self-defense, we will not be able to stand in the face of this danger. The whole of the Kurds should view the attacks against the guerrillas and the Kurdish family in Konya and the occupied areas as attacks on their existence, and it is necessary to strengthen our unity and stand in the face of all attacks. united."



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