Youth conference.. December 10 is al-Bo Azizi's commemoration day

The Middle East's youths considered on the third day of the conference held in Kobanî, the northern city in Syria the day of burning the Tunisian Mohamed al-Bo Azizi himself as a day of the rebellious youths against the tyrannical governments.


The conference of the Middle East youths ended its works on Friday after 3 days of discussions in which the members of dozens of revolutionary youth organizations and parties coming from different countries in the Middle East participated.

At the conclusion of the conference held in Kobanî city, north of Syria, the participants made a number of decisions, the most prominent is the declaration of the 10th of December of every year as the day of commemorating the Tunisian young martyr Mohamed al-Bo Azizi who set fire to himself in 2010 to reject the injustice and tyranny exercised by the authoritarian regimes against the peoples.

The participants said that al-Bo Azizi who set fire on his body sparked the revolutions against the tyrannical rulers of the Middle East and became a torch that lit up the path of young revolutionaries, calling for holding massive demonstrations and marches each year that day.

The final statement is scheduled to be issued in the next few hours of the conference, which was held under the slogan "With the Youths' Vanguard towards a Democratic and Pluralistic Middle East."



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