Youth: International conspiracy directed at democratic nation project represented by leader

Today, the Revolutionary Youth in Al-Hasakah organized a demonstration on the last day of the sit-in tent, in which it denounced the international conspiracy against the leader, stressing: “We will confront their attacks, and break the walls of isolation of Imrali.”

On February 10, the RYM set up a sit-in tent to denounce the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan. Today, the activities of the tent ended with a demonstration in which hundreds of people participated.

The demonstration started off from Judi Roundabout, headed to Abdullah Ocalan Park. Participants raised pictures of the leader and banners that read “For equality, freedom, justice, and the brotherhood of the peoples, freedom for Ocalan,” chanting slogans denouncing the international conspiracy against the leader.

When arrived at the Park, they lit torches, stood for a minute of silence, followed by a speech by the administrator of the RYM, Brusek Gabar, in which he said: “The recent Turkish occupation attacks on the NE Syria and Garê mountains are nothing but a continuation of the international plot against Ocalan.

Gabar went on: "This conspiracy does not target the leader only, but his ideology and the democratic nation project."

He ended his speech, saying, "We will stand up to all their attacks, and break down the walls of isolation on Imrali."

Then the demonstration ended with chanting slogans condemning the international conspiracy against the leader Ocalan.



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